Fire-Fighting & Life-Saving Equipment

Our highly experienced engineers are recruited from the marine and offshore industries, providing service on multi-brand fire fighting equipment, turn-key solutions and assisting with the design, supply, installation, commissioning and class approval for marine and offshore vessels, new builds, and conversions.

Our main services are annual inspections:

Fire Fighting Equipment, Life Saving Equipment:
* Inspection of Portable & Trolley Fire Extinguisher.
* Inspection of SCBA(Self-containing breathing apparatus) SET & Cylinder.
* Inspection of EEBD(Emergency escape breathing device) SET & Cylinder.
* Inspection of MO2(Medical oxygen resuscitator) SET & Cylinder.
* Inspection of IMMERSION Suit.
* Inspection of Life Jacket.
* Inspection of Chemical Suit / Fireman Suit.
* Inspection of Air Quality Test for BA Compressor.

Fixed Systems:
* Fixed High & Low CO2 Systems. (CO2 5-yearly Main valve inspection and 10-yearly renewal of flexible hoses.)
* Fixed Galley CO2 System.
* Fixed Galley Wet Chemical.
* Fixed Foam Systems.
* Fixed Dry Powder Systems.
* Fixed Water Mist Systems.
* Fixed Sprinkler System.
* Foam, Dry Powder & Fresh Water Analysis Test.

Loose item for fire-fighting

* Foam sample
* Air quality test
* Fire hose
* Firemen suit
* Portable foam applicator

Loose items for life-saving

* Life raft
* Life jacket (foam & inflatable)
* Immersion suit


* Fixed foam system
* Fixed high pressure CO2 system
* Fixed low pressure CO2 system
* Galley fixed CO2 system
* Galley deep-fried system
* Galley wet chemical system
* Dry powder system
* Water-mist system
* Water sprinkle system
* Fm200 system (chemical agent)


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